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Giant Little Ones

In the latest from Canadian director Keith Behrman, Kyle MacLachlan and Maria Bello star as divorced parents whose teenage son (Josh Wiggins) faces seismic personal upheaval after an unexpected incident at a party. Niamh Wilson as the gender-adventurous teen  "Mouse".  IMDb World Premier Sunday September 9, 2018, TIFF

Random Acts of Violence Begins Shooting

Thrilled to be a part of the multi-talented Jay Baruchel's latest film. Jay stars, directs and scripted  (with Jesse Chabott) RAoV. Based on the graphic novel of the same name, the film follows  comic book creator Todd Walkley (Grey's Anatomy's Jesse Williams),  his girlfriend Kathy (The Fast and the Furious'  Jordana Brewster), his assistant Aurora  (Niamh Wilson) and his best friend Ezra (Baruchel)  as they embark  on an ill-fated road-trip. 

Back in the studio with Jonah

One year after shooting GLOW with the irrepressible Jonah Haber and Matt Levin-Gold, we were back  back in the studio working on a new video for Yes We Mystic. Performed and choreographed by @charlieskuy and me, it was another adventure in crazy light effects. Watch for the final results, coming soon.


Working For The Future In The Interlake by Yes We Mystic - Official Video

FINALIST Los Angeles Music Video Festival 2017

choreographed and performed by NIAMH WILSON
directed by JONAH HABER
written and edited by MARIA BYKINA and JONAH HABER
directors of photography MATT LEVIN-GOLD and BENJAMIN WONG


For Clementine

TRANCE is a short film that explores the experiences of a dancer (played by Niamh Wilson) who looses her hearing after a debilitating accident. This challenges her to re-learn to dance with a whole new  sense of perception.  The film is completely without dialogue, yet eloquently tells Clementine's story. Released in 2018