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Whatnot/Random Facts


Blast from the Past: First Union Card • 2004


Fun Facts: I really don't talk about working on Debra  very often but even though the job was chaotic at times it was an amazing learning experience. The cast and crew were some of the best people ever: Will, Alicia, James, Austin and Camden. Al. Rick. David and Jessica. Directors Stacy Curtis and Don McCutcheon, Producers Maggie Murphy and Tom Mazza, Line Producer Kevin May and Elizabeth Young, creator Andrew Nicholls (never met Darrell Vickers). And of course the Cookie Jar Big Boss Michael Hirsch. flashback


"PIG" from Saw III • 2006

Thanks Darren Lynn Bouseman. Not many little girls are lucky enough  to have a stuffie from Saw on her bed. No e-bay for you piggie.

Filming T.S. Spivet was an amazing experience. The crew were both French and Canadian. When we were filming in Montreal, that meant a Quebecois crew. Pincher Creek, Alberta was standing in for Montana, and when we moved to Pincher  that meant we mostly crewed up with Albertans, with a few key Quebecois for continuity. The French team stayed with us for the duration.  The bilingual nature of the production was always interesting and occasionally challenging. For for the French crew: Callum became Caloom. For the Canadian: Re-Jean was Rejean. Our great hair and makeup team encouraged me to use my French

In Pincher Creek we survived near twister severe weather and frigid rain, between beautiful clear sunny days. A baby bear was seen in the distance. Waterton National Park called to us on long weekends and we found deer walking the streets.

I had the chance to work people who had inspired me, and continue to be an influence: Helena Bonham Carter, Jean Pierre Jeunet and Callum Kieth Rennie. And I was lucky enough to work with two incredible young talents: Kyle Catlett, a giant-brained, multi-talented  nine year old who had the responsibility to carry the leading title role, and Jacob Davies, the sweetest, most grounded young actor I've met who brought  Layton to life in a way that was richer than the words in the script. 

Whatnot/Random Fun Facts


Joshua Jackson, being exceptionally kind to the young 'uns. Great role model and hockey player. He even knew how to say my name.


Donald Sutherland in character, me, Tatum and the lovely James Burke.


Me, Luke Bilyk and Tatum Knight.